• Michael D’Abruzzo

    August 25, 2009 at 5:28 am

    The spiteful dog is really a myth. It seems logical that the dog might be angry and pee to get back at us. That logic can certainly make sense and you can even read about that theory in old dog training books.

    But, in reality I never knew a dog that would want to purposely cause us to be angry at them or have a “I’ll show you!…” attitude.

    Seems like you are aware it is seperation anxiety problem. Some dogs have worse seperation anxiety when they can actually still hear or see their owner and can’t get to them.

    Remember, anxiety is like a partially filled water baloon in your hand. You can squeeze it and keep pushing parts back in between your fingers, but the water filled balloon will keep popping out between other fingers. You can’t make it disappear – just like anxiety in the dog. It just comes out a different way.

    Sounds to me like you did a good job housebreaking Eddie, but when his anxiety works up he can’t force him self to prevent the body’s natural tendency to expel anything unnecessary when under stress.

    The proof to this theory is when you return and see the pee and the dog looks upset rather then “ha! ha! take that!” attitude.

    I would start by first refreshing on your basics and make sure Eddie is cool with seperation when you are present (not all over you) then treat outings to the yard by yourself the same way you would treat leaving eddie home by himself when you go to work or how when the whole family leaves.

    Test him with very short durations and try to give him something special that will last a while if he will care enough for it when stresses. If hes not caring for something special you will have to do the leaving the house for very short durations routine until he is cool enough to take that something special.

    You can also trouble shoot by crating him and giving him something good to see if he will hold it in the crate when you are just outside.

    This is just a suggested starting point to start troubleshooting from.
    Keep us posted any other input on this from anyone is welcome.