• 780kennels

    November 3, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    hey so i decided to bring my malinois back to the basics and take it from there. the good news is that when i feed him just boiled fish and basmati rice he has solid poos! so were both grateful for that but now the challenge is making sure that hes getting enough too eat and enough nutrients.

    last nite i tried to add just a handful of his natural balance fish and sweet potato kibbles and he had the runs again. soooo since hes ok with the boiled fish and rice, what can i add to his diet to make sure hes getting enough to eat, for instance should i just add some more raw foods (vegs and fruits etc) and not try any store bought doggy kibbles…

    i dont think he has any parasites cuz hes been having solid poos for the last week since i switched to the boiled fish and rice diet (other than when i added the handlful of kibbles)…