• 780kennels

    October 22, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    hey guys,

    so like the title says my malinois has very runny stool and a friend of mine said it even looks MUCOUSY and i should get him tested for Beaver Fever.

    theres no blood but it is always very runny, nothing solid. another friend of mine said that some malinois have very sensistive stomachs and theres nothing i can do about it.

    and another friend said he may be allergic to the food i was giving him so ive tried many holistic pricy foods such as:

    grain free type, allergy restricted ingredients type, vegetarian type, fish instead of chicken or beef type…

    and another friend said to try a pumpkin digestive help additive which seemed to help a little but is 4.50 a can and lasts 3 meals, and it only helped a little.

    now the pet shop has adviced me to try an all natural enzyme supplement, which ive tried for just one meal but it hasnt helped so far.

    im running out of ideas of what to do and DEFINATELY RUNNING OUT OF PATIENCE for cleaning up his runny accidents in the house almost daily… but i dont want to go to a vet and have them charge me 6 times while they slowly do a process of elimination that ive already done.

    some background on my malinois Beau:

    beau was a rescue who has a lot of anxiety and i have 1 male and 1 female dog living with him. we all do 1.5 hr walks together and we have an established daily routine. another thing to know is that beau takes many shits throughout the day, not just 1 or 2 or 3 good ones but a whole lot of runny ones. hes very energetic amd playful, ALWAYS ready to go, i dont see any behavior that would suggest hes sick and his age is hard to know because hes a resuce but id say hes mid age at the most.

    please give me advice on what i can do to find out whats causing beaus shitty shits and how i can help him have solid shits that he can hold overnite.

    ps. is it possible that his runny shits are a just a biproduct of his anxiety and if so would it be a 2 step solution such as work on his anxiety and make sure he doesnt have anything seriously wrong with him cuz i dont wanna just find out one day that he had stomach cancer after he flops over one day.