• Irocubabe

    April 20, 2011 at 5:44 am

    Just a word of warning on the trainer you just listed. I live in Texas (Arlington) and I have actually DRIVEN an hour out to meet this guy at his place and have him take a look at my (already) trained shepherd whom I was having issues with. I am not sure this man is ethical or obedience focused. Do take a very close look at his ‘facility’ and his trained animals currently there. When I was there he had a large dog in the house that was ‘his’ personal dog that he flat out told us would attack us if he let it out of the house. He mentioned a Rotti he trained to be similarly aggressive. That doesn’t sound like a good trainer to me and is ultimately why I did not use him. Since I decided not to use him I will not say he is not a good trainer concretely, but I would be careful about him. He seemed to be someone that trained protection dogs as mindless attack animals.