• TheRookie

    March 9, 2011 at 8:34 am

    id like to get my dog started (or just evaluated) in PP training. but ive searched a lot on the internet and i just cant find anyone who does what mike and earl do. these guys are the only people ive ever seen who train for the reality of a situation that would require a dog to protect. i see Schutzhund vs. PP the same as i see Tae Kwon Do vs. mixed martial arts. one incorporates fancy moves that look cool and you win prizes for scoring points, and the other is real world fighting. Period.

    everyone around here (california) either does law enforcement training or schutzhund. I DONT WANT EITHER ONE! and i dont even want my dog evaluated by a trainer who does LE or schutzhund stuff because they will either tell me that my dog doesnt have what it takes (wont score points for appearance or some other BS), or they will tell me that she would be great just because they want my money.

    i wish i could just go work with mike and earl….or the next best thing would be to have someone on the west coast who has the same mind set, training experience and who uses the foundation system.

    Mike or Earl, have you guys found any trainers here in california that you would even think to recommend to me?

    thanks, you guys are awesome,