• jlschairer

    May 2, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    I took your advice about the tug. He loved it!! much less dominate and more motivated. The only thing with the tug as a training motivator, it took me two training sessions to get him to play tug properly and release on the first out, im worried that even though i did tug education with my parents they wont follow the tug rules and I will have to reteach it every time I go for a training session with him.

    We are working on the muzzle. When I am training him and my mother is present he tends to get aggressive towards me? Ive tried having her step in and teach her how to train, but the second i get within a two foot radius he starts to growl and sometimes lunge. Once again this is only when my mom is present in training sessions. He is fine when its just him and I.

    yes he is neutered