• Teresa Stanczak

    April 18, 2013 at 3:10 am

    Hi Jordan.

    It would be helpful to know the specifics of the situations where he has showed aggression in the past. Also what was the aggression, growling, biting etc.

    How old is this pup?

    In the meantime: keep all interaction with your daughter supervised and on a leash. You can always teach the pup to wear a muzzle if necessary.
    If you haven’t already, please read through the self help section and work your way up from the bottom of the pyramid.
    It is especially important to maintain the proper attitude. Don’t raise your voice, be calm. Never use physical punishment such as hitting, alpha roll overs etc.
    Pack.structure and setting up the proper relationship is also extremely important. Follow all the guidelines.
    Be especially cautious of resource guarding when your pup s chewing on bones, or eating etc if your daughter is present.
    Once you supply the specifics I can guide you further.