• JordanhowellWSA

    April 20, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Today is actually my first time being able to interact with the puppy. From what I’m seeing with him is that he was taken away from his mother and siblings too young. He’s only about 9 weeks old and my friend said he got him about 4 weeks ago so he hasn’t had a chance to learn key social skills that he would if he had stayed with mom like he should have. He’s very mouthy as in if you pet him he likes to gnaw on hands so that’s where I’m guessing his so called “aggression” comes from. He’s got a little bit of an attitude if you put your hand on the back of his neck like as if you were to pick him up by his scruff. He’s very energetic and loves to lick and play. He also seems to itch a lot even though my wife treated him with some Advantage flea medicine. The woman that gave him to my friend lied about alot of things, that he’s had all his shots, that he’s been de-wormed but he hasn’t. He’s also very whiny. constantly whines and whimpers but not in a loud tone. He cries if my wife isn’t around which I’m just guessing that since he was taken away from his mom at such a young age that he sees her as mommy now. I haven’t noticed any resource guarding around anyone. We have another dog that does that but she’s also 15 years old and has never had to share the house with another dog until I moved here with my dog Samson before he passed. All in all he’s a good puppy, just needs to be played with alot to get out some of that energy he has but as far as teaching social skills there’s not really much I can do is there without other dogs helping? He’s still just a baby so I’m not trying to train much except for his name.