• Teresa Stanczak

    December 3, 2012 at 1:52 am

    Hey Sue,

    It might be possible that she was a little “off” after a long road trip. She is also nearing maturity age wise which may be a more likely reason for her change in attitude. Regardless, she did take appropriate measures as far as warning with body language, a growl and then moving away.

    How is the rest of your pack structure , ie attention , petting and going out?

    As a rule I do not take things away from dogs unless I have a trade of equal or higher value. This is more likely to make an positive impact on the dog than praise. She should feel comfortable that no one is going to take things from her when she is chewing it. Of course when she is done chewing it, stick to pack structure and remove the item from the floor. Remember, if she has something in her possession, she is entitled to keep it. From a dog’s point of view taking things from them is stealing. If you must take something that she has, then using “out” and “leave it” then calling her to you is a better course of action.

    Here is what I would recommend:

    Give her a marrow bone, and then make a quick training session out of it (only 5-10) repetitions. Walk by her, and toss a high value treat in her direction as you pass. Do not stop as you pass her, bend down or try to trade her for it. After these few repetitions, let her finish chewing her bone without interruption. Your goal will be to get comfortable body language as you approach. She should be looking forward to your approach instead of being cautious about it.

    When you are successful at that level then move on to stopping when you get to her, toss treat and then move on.