• mojomoo

    September 25, 2010 at 6:24 am

    Well I’ve been putting it on her without the loop around the muzzle for a few days (finally not raining here so we can walk more again!) mainly still using the prong but have both on her and today she was very excitable in the beginning of our walk and pulling alot actually and we seen a couple of dogs, she did her dance and whine so I put the loop over her muzzle. Her whole demeanor changes, head down, tail down almost depressed then she puts her nose to the ground and doesn’t want to move her head. Afterwards I let her run off leash on the school grounds to get some energy out (she really needs to run!!) then she walked nicely after with just the prong. I’m going to continue putting both collars on her and have the head halter for backup when needed, sound okay? Also started her on salmon oil to see if it makes a difference with impulse control, how long before I see any difference if it does help?