• mojomoo

    September 9, 2010 at 7:48 am

    gentle leader. I could try putting it on her a few days without the loop on the muzzle and then slipping the loop on for a minute and then taking it off and keep doing that on and off for a week with good treats. When she gets more used to the idea I’ll use it again for a walk. People think she’s the most well behaved dog when we are out walking (she automatically sits at crosswalks now) and is happy to see and be around everyone and everything but when she sees dogs she goes ballistic but I know she just wants to meet and greet and socialize so I do want her to always associate other dogs as a good thing. We walk alot so if I can get this issue under control more it would be such a relief. I’ll do what I said above and keep you posted on the progress.
    Also, about the pack structure at home she does sit before I throw her ball etc.. she has to wait for me to go in first through the door, she is allowed to sleep on the love seat but can’t half the time cause the cats take over,lol so she mostly sleeps on the floor beside my bed, she waits patiently for feed time and is usually laying down when I give her the food (the cats will take over her food if I don’t stop them) she has no guarding issues. She can be very excitable and rambunctious still. She does demand attention though which I try really hard not to pet her when she does that. I’ll stop rambling on now!