• lorac

    November 8, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    Anytime a non metal leash falls in front of him he chews it. One chew and it is usually sliced beyond repair. Have already gone through a few nylon and leather Martingales and leads. Had also used halter collar but it did turn out to be too tempting for him. He constantly rolled over with Gentle leader, so stopped with that. Your suggestion of Martingale collar with chain sounds the most practical. However if I were in a situation outside of the yard- such as going to vet or groomer. I would not trust this set up. If he saw a cat, squirrel or racoon I would not be able to hold him back. I do use a muzzle and have been using your muzzle training. And I use a prong collar when I know he can be distracted by what he sees as prey.
    Have been practicing out, and will continue to do so. Shorter sessions do work best. Yes, have read and reread about establishing relationship. It will take time and practice, with a realization of his potential strength, spirit and reactivity.
    I do appreciate your organized approach to training. Only wish we had a Foundation trainer out this way.