• mojomoo

    January 29, 2011 at 6:52 am

    I’ll start the phases over again with her by herself and leave the other dog at home while training her. It looks like I have to stop, back up, switch directions more and sooner like every 5 feet or she forges ahead. She knows the heel but can’t get the hang of walking and heeling on a loose leash. Her mother does very well on leash except she pulls at other dogs too, her tail is down or in the middle and the other ones is always up? so her mom is a bit reactive too but not as extreme and I think she feeds off of the other ones behaviour. I seem to have alot of control in the house but not outside, maybe because they know I have strict rules in the house and sense that I ease off outside? Everyone must get along and listen in this house or this many animals just wouldn’t work. I’m giving this my best shot with her as soon as the weather gets better again.