• mojomoo

    January 25, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    I swear subconciously I chose this dog to learn more patience and I’ve been more patient with her than any other dog I’ve owned. i think she’s gotten worse since I rescued her mother, the older 6.5 year old female. She barks at me now when she doesn’t get her own way like having to come in the house when I leave she will bark and not want to come in but she knows I will get the leash and make her come in. She hates the head halter and acts out more on walks when she wears it, but I put it on her anyway, she also barked at me for putting her in a down position at the door when my mother came over because she gets too excited. I stick it out and don’t let her get her own way but she’s really testing my sanity!!
    There’s no sleeping with me and never has been, no free feeding (both dogs and the 6 cats,lol, have feeding times and no one is allowed to take over anyone elses food) I ignore her banging and banging on the door to come in until she’s quiet and I want to let her in, I don’t pet any of them when their demanding it. She’s always been terrible to walk and has been dog reactive since I can remember and yet I’ve socialized her and she has doggie friends.
    The older female I have is dominant over her but she can test her limits by being rambunctious and the only way she will stop is if the older one snaps and growls a warning. This is what I find with her, if I’m very strict and mean business she obeys and knows when I mean it. It’s funny though, out of all 8 animals the oldest male cat is top boss over all of them except for me.
    I know she is very restless and needs something to do and I would like to put her in activities but she has to get over her dog reactivity first.