• Grhyno

    February 4, 2010 at 11:41 am

    I just finished with this command, and it was the end result of an exercise to teach good eye contact. I hold a treat to the side of my dogs head, when he looks at me, and not at the treat, I give it to him. Repeat many times. When he/she gets good at that, I move the treat to a different location. When he looks I treat. Then I gradually start asking for more eye contact before he gets the treat. Then I move to putting it on my knee (I’m kneeling in front of him), now when I do this part I say ‘leave it’. Then when he gives me eye contact I say ‘take it’. Once I was done with this exercise many times I saw that I could say ‘leave it’ with toys, the cat, objects around the house and garbage we pass on the street. Hope that helps!