• skailita

    June 16, 2009 at 4:57 am

    And a Successfull SIT instruction in my tribal language too!

    Mike D’Abruzzo;31 wrote:
    Hey Eric,

    You can have a double problem there.

    First, you can have a traditional seperation anxiety problem going on if the dog is not used to being seperated in this way from you.

    Second, the problem can be made harder if the dog feels vulnerable because he is tied.

    You can fix half the problem if you had the option of putting the dog in a more open fenced in area or seperate room in the house, maybe even a crate if indoors and not out in the open.

    If not an option or even if you do use one of these options, you may have to work on traditional seperation anxiety issues by following your standard leadership exercises (step 5 on the triangle) and following your step 8 (seperation anxiety drills). Get him used to wear ever you plan on seperated him on a daily basis for shorter durations and make it as positive as possible for him. Maybe feed him out there or give him a special treat that lasts a while only when he is in that place. Try to bring him back to you before he gets all worked up. Set him up for success and make the duration a little longer each time. This can take patience. Definitely make sure he is not all over you when you are physically with him. since seperation when you are not present is easier for the dog when he can deal with seperation first when you are physically available.

    I hope this helps to start.

    Thanks for the compliments on the site and vids. More to come. Just posted first phase 3 vid also a new protection video will be up by late tonight (my time).

    I want to PM you soon to write about a few things. I’ll be in contact soon!

    Sorry disappeared for a while. just finished a move and was out internet. Ready to roll again! Can’t wait to see your vid when ready!