• Teresa Stanczak

    August 28, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    Hi and welcome!

    On leash aggression is very common. Sometimes it’s just barrier frustration, where they want to get to another dog to say hi or play and can’t because of the leash, and then they end up having a tantrum of sorts. Also some dogs who are fearful are reactive on leash because they have no escape route, these dogs take on a “I will get you before you get me” attitude.
    Have you looked through the sections on body language. Be able to read her body language will be helpful in determining what the cause of her aggression is.
    Make sure you trouble shoot each layer of the triangle .
    1)Knowledge- has she had any incidences that could have precipitated the start of the aggression?

    2)health – any conditions that could be causing pain when she interacts with other dogs?

    3)attitude- what is your reaction to her behavior? What is your relationship like?

    4)golden rules – important for carrying out a training plan

    5) pack structure- are you following leadership exercises?

    6)restless spirit- is she getting a good outlet for her energy level?

    Minimally you will need phase 1 and phase 2, sit down and heel to help only with the on leash aggression.

    There is a trainer in the San Jose area who is foundation certified. I can message you his info if you want.