• ashlee hiers

    July 14, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    Hi Teresa,

    Thank you very much for you response! Zeus is now 12 weeks and although he has made a lot of improvements, he still is biting at my hands quite a bit.

    We definitely do have many appropriate toys for him to chew on such as the Kong and even a soft toy that you freeze that feels good on his gums and teeth. All of these we give on our own terms like in the dog pack structure section. He loves his toys and will play with them when we let him have them, however, he just loves hands and I have no idea why! haha! I know he is teething at this age. When should teething be over with?

    My boyfriend and I have read the pack structure section many times. Zeus is very smart and knows sit, down, come and leave it without hand gestures now. He is SO good during training! You nailed it by saying the worst times are in the mornings and after naps. I definitely think I need to work on the affection portion. I definitely make him sit or come to me before I pet him, but I am guilty of petting him too long! He is just so darn cute!

    Zeus does great on walks around the neighborhood (we cant take him to parks yet) and does really well with commands before he receives his food and before going out to the bathroom. He still is great with being potty trained. That is a great suggestion for the mornings! I will start playing tug or something with him to get rid of some energy.

    The attention seeking behavior sounds pretty head on. Anytime he starts trying to bite things he shouldn’t be we will tell him “leave it” and “out” until he gives it up. He probably thinks that is how he gets our attention. What should we do when he is chewing on items he isn’t supposed to?

    Also, what could I do personally to get him to stop biting my hands? He will get super hyper at random times and start running around barking and nipping at my hands. You can totally tell he knows he isn’t supposed to either. He just tests the water a lot during those times. They happen a few times a week!

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Ashlee Hiers