• cooper1

    November 27, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Hi Teresa!
    So much time has passed and I’ve been meaning to get back with an update on Cooper! I did take your advice and switch him over to a fish based diet. It was gradual and on a side note – I have a bunch of Life’s Abundance left over that wasn’t touched – maybe you know where I can donate it – if a shelter or other might take it – unlabeled? He is fully on Natures Variety Salmon at this point. Not that I thought it was going to be a cure all but I have not seen an improvement in his ears. I believe that they are infected and need more help at this point as I hope the food will help in the long run but he has a big problem at this point. That leads me to my next issue – I just had major hip surgery and wondered if you, Mike or Chris might know of someone looking to helping me out with Cooper for a few weeks until I get back on my feet. Try as I might since I last went to training (I can’t believe it has been so long!), I have not done a great job of desensitizing him to getting his ears cleaned. Since it’s been so frequent as I’m trying to get them healthy again, he actually has started mouthing and is very difficult to manage during each cleaning so doing this while I can’t really bend at the hip now is nearly impossible since he can get away from me rather easily. Is there any chance you know someone (reasonably priced), who would know what they are doing with cleaning might be able to come by, clean his ears, walk him, brush him etc until I get back on my feet? I feel terrible that I can’t even drive him to the vet or take proper care of him while I’m out of commission. Anyway, let me know your thoughts. Thx and miss the crew! Looking forward to seeing everyone once I’m off crutches in a few months! ~A