• LouCerbone

    November 5, 2009 at 4:22 am

    sorry so late with reply been a “ruff” month. Anyhow the vet says to just keep it clean and dry and it should go away on its own.(happy about that because I dont want to fill him up on meds) So I have been using stridex, and witch hazel (thanks Teresa D)
    and all has been well. Still there a little bit of acne but not as bad. I just keep him clean after meals and dry his chin after he slobbers up his water. Mike I want to get that leerburg but should I try it before I buy(you said someone has in class), or just get it. Eddie is itching to come back to class and cause a scene. I have been home traing him and he does really well. I ve been puting on movies with dogs for the distraction, like “marley and me” but he goes ballistic about to attack the tv. But the training is good he really does so well with no other dogs around. I have to kick this habit of his.
    I certaintely miss the class,