• Michael D'Abruzzo

    August 14, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    You have a good point. I never really work dogs that were not purposely bred to be defensive toward humans in that drive.

    I love working the catch dog type breeds in protection because it gives them a great outlet. I think the dog sports are great for them. But, I have never worked any of them in anything but prey. Maybe made it a little rough cause they love it, but they know it is time for love as soon as the jacket comes off.

    When you combine how capable some of these breeds are with the fact they are so heavily persecuted we have to be careful not to create the Godzillas that the media and those against these breeds would love to use as examples.

    Any breed if it is confident enough is likely protect its owner if you taught it the motions through scenarios.

    ‘Flanking’ is a very debateable tactic that I have to question and discuss heavily with the agititators the pros and cons and if it is the right thing to do for that individual dog and situation. Video on Nikko in the members area is a good example.

    It can potentially make a fearful dog more dangerous and to do it to a dog that totally trusts humans is a HUGE gamble for the future of that dog and the ethics of doing so should always be questioned.

    I believe in bringing out the best in every dog, not making them something that they were not meant to be.