• Michael D'Abruzzo

    July 25, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    general fear based aggression is really not all that hard if you have the support system set up.

    1. need the right relationship to lead the dog
    2. the obedience to enorce your leadership off-leash
    3. a group of stable dogs thar are involved in a “muzzle park”.

    “muzzle park” i set up like a regular dog park but all the dogs wear muzzles and all need to have completed off-leash training before we cut them loose together. Then we use the commands that we taught them to guide them through proper interaction. Fear based aggression disolves with regulars to these groups. at least once a week. The hard part is the patience to get the dog used to a comfortable basket muzzle and the time to teach the dog well off-leash obedience using a fair system.

    I’ll post footage of this in action fairly soon and all the rules and exercises involved. For instance “normal aggression” is allowed. Abnormal and overly assertive aggression is not allowed.

    I have to get back to a class but I’ll tell you what I do for within the pack. Not far off from what you are doing really – mostly concentrating on the triggers and reasons then polishing off with control and management. Not much that can’t be accomplished with patience.

    Your 8 year old pit can benifit from some muzzle park filled with little guys! (along with some tug for restless spirit) We have one like him in our support group. keep me posted. Sounds like you like the challanges! thats good since so many trainers will turn their back on them.