• Bear2010

    November 17, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    Hi Mike, I will give you the run down of our structure w/ him. He always sits & stays until we release him for food, treats, toys, to go out the door, most anything he does he works for. He is not allowed on any furniture. He is crated when we are not home. His fave thing to do to release a lot of his energy is to play fetch. He also sits, stays & releases for that. He always comes back to me listening to the drop it command. We play this everyday. He likes to chase everything, our cats, strange kids, this is obviously not good. With me throwing the ball I dont know if this is a good outlet for him, but he NEEDS to run. He also likes hanging from a rope we have on the kids playset & hanging from it, like playing tug w/ it. He does have chew toys which he uses mostly only in the evening. I fill kongs w/ peanut butter to keep him occupied for a little while. We never let him mouth us, ever. We always repromand him as soon as it starts. Just last night I had a 10 min. ongoing struggle w/ him, him biting me, play jumping, running around, coming back biting me. I must have grabbed his muzzle over 7 or 8 times w/ the no command, only for him to come right back @ me. It finally ended when I left the room for a min. came back in & he finally laided down w/ a chew toy for 10 min. then it started all over again. My kids will be on the couch minding their own buisness & he goes right up to them & starts biting @ their feet, hands, arms, whatever he can get. Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong, this bad habit needs to stop. Any other ideas for high energy outlets? Thanks, Wendi