• Teresa Stanczak

    February 18, 2013 at 3:47 am

    Hi Josh,

    First thank you for what you do …..

    Now About Capitan:

    Sounds like you might be on spot about the lack of socialization having an impact on his behavior. Guard breeds can be cautious in New situations but this is also influenced by personality and socialization and other factors.

    The first step in improving this behavior is to troubleshoot the triangle. ( read through self help section for more detailed information)

    3) have the correct attitude in dealing with him at all times especially in his moments of aggression ( calm confidence, patience, respect etc)
    4)make sure the golden rules are in place . Use proper timing, motivate him properly ( high value treats, ball or tug). If the tug tends to get him overly excited you will rely on high value treat rewards. Be consistent with him
    5)pack structure- make sure everyone in the household is following the leadership exercises. Pet on your own terms, not allowed on furniture etc.
    6)engage him in some type of a activity to take the edge off of him prior to going out for a walk.
    9) obedience. Start working on obedience beginning with phase 1 and work your way up through the phases. It’s n
    important that you start in low distraction then add distraction as he masters each skill.

    Get him started on wearing a muzzle . I would recommend the Baskerville Ultra muzzle.
    It will be helpful as you’re increasing distraction to have him use the muzzle for safety.

    As he is doing better with obedience around people and dogs , you can start doing some counterconditioning using treats as people or dogs pass by.

    This should give you a good start on things, please post updates and any questions that you may have.