• Mathew Vandart

    August 2, 2012 at 6:26 am

    I am not asking for that reason despite my other thread.
    I have other dogs I have other dogs I train also, ones who’s heads are not screwed.
    I have plenty of experience with training dogs including protection.
    I am just intrigued and wanted to get a discussion going about it.
    Yes the Bull terrier in my aggression thread sparked this thought in my mind as I was wondering exactly how bite inhibition works neurologically and cognitively.
    For instance I have trained protection dogs that would happily bite the arm off an agitator (helper) if they were allowed to but were soft as squeezy cheese with dogs/puppies and friend humans or anyone else that I would not have been happy about them biting/intimidating.

    Oh and by the way I can still do with some help with Bob the Bull terrier if someone can have a look in the thread I have posted loads more movies and info.