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  • Michael D’Abruzzo

    September 29, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    Hey Jeremy,

    That variety of AvoDerm looks pretty good to me. No red flags. The guy at the feed store I go to really likes the stuff too. But, like I said before don’t always make your decisions based on the price of the bag, but rather how much it will cost per day (according to how much you will need to feed your dog). That can vary a lot. I’m all for giving food scraps. As a matter of fact the oldest dogs that have ever lived – supposedly ate a lot of scraps. Variety is good for the diet. Just be sure to make the majority of the diet something balanced – such as the dog food. If you give scraps give it the right way (for example not while you are eating dinner and tossing it on the floor!) I’ll stuff kongs and freeze for snacks with scraps, or use it as training rewards.

    As far as raw or boiling or cooking. To play it safe I would just cook it as you would your own food. You CAN feed it raw but you may have to get your dog used to eating raw – and there are some theories and arguments about how feeding raw food mixed with a non-raw diet can be bad.

    Raw diets generally (supposedly) process quicker than processes diets. Canine’s digestive tracks are designed to push it through quicker than our digestive tracts (a shorter AND more acidic digestive system). That is why canines can generally handle things like salmonella better than us – because it can keep the bacteria under control better and push it out quicker before it overpopulates.

    Some say that mixing it with raw with the processed will slow down the raw foods digestion (processed takes longer) and this may be a health risk. As far as I know this has not been proven – it is only a theory. Would be interested in any links that point to a study. And, depending on the pet food manufacturer you will get opposing opinions. For example Natures Variety which supplies both raw and processes says it is not a problem. Other companies that supply only raw diets say it IS a problem. You always have to take it with a grain of salt when information comes from a pet food company with a competitive agenda and search for the actual facts and studies.

    In your case i would play it safe and just cook it in the best way that preserves the nutrients. I’m guessing boiling not the best way – but I’m not sure…. I always heard its better to steam rather than boil vegetables etc….

    If a dog IS used to eating raw – it obviously preserves the nutrients the best, buts lots to consider if you go that route.

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