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  • TheRookie

    September 29, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    well ever since i posted that question last night about trying raw fat, ive been web searching a lot about people who feed raw. it seems to me like it just may be the best way to know without a doubt what i would be feeding my dogs. And thats what dogs have been eating for thousands of years right?

    i have seen everything from people that just give them chicken legs, breasts, thighs (bone in), steaks, lamb, beef heart, to others who mix up a whole variety with fruits, veggies and meat all blended up in a processor.

    I am seriously thinking about digging deeper into raw and giving it a try. i dont like trying to decipher all the mumbo jumbo on packages that im my opinion may not be true anyway. does anyone even do quality control on dog food like the FDA does for humans? I assume that it’s just like health supplements…..COMPLETELY UNREGULATED (until something that everyone gets at GNC and it starts killing people left and right).

    One question though….I’ve been told by many dog owners that dogs CANNOT EVER EAT CHICKEN BONES OR THEY WILL CHOKE AND DIE!!!!! but from lots of videos, that doesnt seem to be the case, right?