• Bear2010

    September 7, 2010 at 1:44 am

    Hey Mike, thanks for your input. It was nice to hear your positive side of things. I’ve had so many opinions thrown at me, including “just get rid of him.” That is not an option for my family. We are so in love w/ this dog that we will do whatever it takes to make it work. We are working hard on our pack structure. We are training hard w/ come, leave it & place, (thats a hard one!) When theirs little or no distractions this works, when hes pre occupied its more of a challenge to get him to focus on me. We had guests over last night, we told them before they got here briefly about whats been going on, so just to bare w/ us in our training when they arrived. I had him on lead when company arrived out in the yard, he was barking aggressively at them. I just kept him in a sit stay & told him no. My husband let them in the gate, I told the company to ignore him & just walk on by , I then released him out of a sit, but still kept him on lead w/ me. I walked him around the yard a little bit & once he was a little more relaxed, I let him say hello w/ me, then after about 10 min. let him off lead, he was great! Once they were socializing w/ us he seemed to let his guard down. There were no small children there last night, but this is a start for him to see that I am the boss. He was having a problem w/ anyone coming onto the property, so to see this improvement in one night was amazing! About the dog food, we have him on good stuff-lifes abundance, along w/ all kinds of good supplements, but I am looking into the fish oil. Again, thanks for your knowledge, I will keep you posted.