• Bear2010

    September 3, 2010 at 11:50 pm

    Hi Chris, I do know what I have in my GSD. I have been blessed W/ them for the last 12 yrs. My dog I have know is the complete GSD, & along w/ a lot of good things, their are a few diffucult ones. As hes getting older he is by far becoming super protective of our family & home. He does do a lot better out of our yard/home. He is approachable w/ sm. children & people of all kinds. The exact way the situation was that day went like this, all 4 of my family members were outside along w/ 2 strangers who were going in & out by the driveway (we were having our well worked on) My dog was gated up on our deck when the little girl & her mom arrived. I was out in the driveway greeting them. I had asked my husband to let him off the deck because the mom wanted to see him. As he came bounding down off the deck we all walked in the yard together, he checked out the mom for a second, then his attention was on the little girl who was very scared, wrapping herself around her mothers legs in sort of like a circular motion, it looked as if my dog was trying to get to her to chase, check her out I dont know? She was also holding a plastic bag in her hand that he was trying to check out, after it all happened my husband said he thought he saw him go for the bag. He also has a fear issue, gets scared over the silliest things & objects. He just didnt like it & started barking frantically & went in towards her. The little girl said she felt him on her hand (no marks thank God) This makes me wonder about the bag? Anyway, I grabbed him very quickly while my husband ran over & put him inside telling him no, no, no! He put him in his crate. The only thing around was my family (my 2 kids who he adores) my husband & me. No food, toys or bed. But we were in the yard. This has never happened before. If it did I would have never had him out like that. The only other thing is back in july 2 sm. children were over & the one that was afraid kept on backing up from him & sort of running. He would try to get close to the child to check him out, but no barking or growling. I could tell my dog wasn’t that cool w/ it so I removed him. Just last night we were over our neighbors for a doggie playdate w/ 6 dogs, 6 people & 2 sm. children, all strangers to him. He was great! He had so much fun & could have cared less about the kids. I guess this sums up to be a terrotorial issue that w/ help we are working on. Please let me know what you think, I appreciate any feedback neg. or pos. I want to do whats best for my family, our dog & the people around us. Thanks wendi