• Chris Duonola

    September 2, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Start with knowledge and understand what you have with a GSD. They are natural protectors and resource guarders, so you will definitely have to manage what you have.
    Lunging a little girl is a serious problem and potential issue for you. So the first thing I would suggest you start working on is getting your GSD used to a muzzle. Check out the blog section, Mike actually just did a really good blog on muzzles and how to get the dog used to it. Start with this and make sure he has this one whenever around strangers and even on a leash. Especially while you are this early in the training.
    Next, I know you stated you are doing good with the leadership stuff in the pack structure section. Maybe re-read it again and make sure you are very technical with everything in it. With a aggressive dog, you will want to make sure there is question in the dogs mind as to who is leading.
    Next you will have to make sure the dog doesn’t have any restless spirit, so make. Sure to read that section and work that out with your little buddy.
    Question for you is, was there anything around that could have caused resource guarding (I.e. Food bowls, toys, bed, or just maybe you or or kids.) was this first time it happened and is just with your kids friend? What did you do when this happened?
    Any information you can provide us will help pin point what is happening.

    Start with the obedience as well, so this way..once it is completed, you will have more control of the situation. Just remember that this takes time, so do not rush through or skip steps. That will only set you back in the wrong direction.
    For now, manage the problem as much as you can now with the muzzle or even putting him in the other room for the time being.

    We will look for your response with the details so we can get you on track.