• dogmama

    September 6, 2010 at 3:45 am

    Thanks so much for the advice! I have spent alot of time reading through your site and the pyramid. It definately makes sense and helps puts things into perspective. I see that my pack structure needs some major work. As of yesterday, no dogs on the couch or bed. This has been harder for my kids and husband, but everyone is trying. I believe it is step one in the right direction. I always thought that I was a good pack leader and that I knew alot about dog behavior. I have had, and still do have, many different types of dogs, have taken at least 7 different dogs (my own personal) through professional obedience courses over the years, and up until about 2 years ago, was a vet tech for 12+ years. I even have two dogs that are certified Canine Good Citizens. I realize now, that what I know of dog behavior is just the tip of the iceburg. I almost feel like a first time dog owner in some ways, even though I have owned dogs for over 25 years! Thank you so much for your informative site! Two of my other dogs have minor issues with other dogs, and I really think changing the way I do things by following the pyramid and (hopefully) transforming my pack, is going to benefit everyone in the family – dogs and people. I will keep you posted on Lacey’s progress. Thanks again!