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  • JordanhowellWSA

    March 10, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    Thanks Mike,

    The other dog has never had to share “her” house with anyone else so I understand why she wants to be protective and territorial but I have been keeping them separate when they eat just so that way Samson can get in a good meal. As far as his parents go from what I saw his dad was definitely the pack leader of the household, the breeders had 4 other boxers, 2 being female and 2 more males, not counting his dad. His mother was very protective from the short time I was able to observe them together. His dad I never really got to see how his personality was but he was a very large (I think they said 105 lbs) beautiful brindle patterned Boxer. I’ve never really knew what a boxers “restless spirit” was or what is in their nature but he’s very energetic and learns well. I was watching some of the personal protection videos you have posted but I’m not willing to watch those and try them out for myself because I am no where near a professional trainer and I don’t want to make him fearful of strangers or make him less confident around them. Now what my new question is how would i train him to be able to turn on/off what he does naturally if his instincts tell him to protect? Plus he’s a very friendly dog so I have no clue how I would even start to make him even act like he’s aggressive just as a threat. Any advice for future training is highly appreciated.