• Sharon Blakeney-McDonald

    April 6, 2017 at 10:12 am

    Hi Victoria… What a lucky girl Kimber was to have you take her in after she was abandoned.

    IMHO though from the description of how she is reacting towards men “barking, staring directly at their faces, stiffen, etc” is signs to me of showing an aggressive response. A more placid dog – example like a golden retriever would more likely avoid or run away from what was making him nervous or frighten. My concern is if Kimber response to stress is reacting in a aggressive way that you may need to be carefully she doesn’t end up biting them.

    I would think its more fear aggression based. Could be more safer, if its only men that Kimber is apprehensive with that they completely ignore her instead of trying to interact with her… at least til she becomes more confident that their not a threat to her. Sometimes I find its better to let the dog approach when they are comfortable enough and ready to do so instead.

    Do you think these a chance she may possible bite them?