• watchmaker

    April 18, 2010 at 3:29 am

    @Mike D’Abruzzo 237 wrote:

    This sounds like a territorial warning type bark – as if she would like to scare the intruders away. How is she once you have visitors in the home or someone comes closer to you?

    You should be able to communicate to her that she doesn’t have to worry as much with the right plan. How are you doing with your pack structure exercises? We want to make sure that first and foremost that we are communicating to her that we want the position of making the call after she alerts you.

    If you are tight on step 5 we can make a plan with step 9 than desenstize at step 10 and only improve from there.

    Today she barked at the babysitter outside when she arrived who she already had met. I told to quiet and its ok and had the babysitter ignore her and talk to me at first. Then I had her give some treats for sitting then had her play some frisbee with her. She seemed fine.

    I went outside to get something from the car and I heard barking inside. I came inside and the babysitter said that she came out of the bathroom and the dog (who had not seen her go into the bathroom) started barking and would not stop. She would continue to bark and back up with a level wag the whole time as the babysitter moved toward her. I came in and told her it was ok and had babysitter give treats and she seemed to calm down. However once I walked away she growled and woof a couple of times at the babysitter.

    What is the best way/command to tell her it is ok after she alerts? How do I train this command? As far as pack structure, she is not allowed on furniture. No toys left out. I make her work for every treat. I have her staying for food. She walks on my left and pretty much behind or maybe just next to me with a loose J on the leash during structured walks.

    Are there any other pack structure exercises that I should be doing? I am having the kids feed her, give her treats and playing fetch/disc with her. Are their specific things I can do to help reinforce the pack leader position of the children? How do I prevent her from becoming dependent and only responsive to me. She definitely seems to be very attached and attentive to me. I definitely want her to give the same respect and obedience to the rest of the family.