• Judy B.

    January 1, 2017 at 10:35 am

    Hi Ricky, I personally would wait until the dog is older and is fully grown still. Sometimes the undecended testicles can drop later on, but even if not, there are always options for your dog. Waiting to neuter is always best until the dog had fully grown and has fully matured. You could wait until then to neuter him, or you also do have an option to have the undecended testicle removed while keeping tge decended one of that is something you choose to do. It also depends on yor intentions with Joker. If he is going to just be a normal companion pet then neutering wont hinder and may even help any agression, but if you wanted say a personal protection dog, the testosterone is sonething that will help and is something you may want. As long as you follow good leadership and cam handle your dog and know how to control the aggression it can be a benifit. Like I said it all depends on your intentions and what you want to do with your dog. I dont think whatever you decide wil be right or wrong as long as you have his best ibterest at hand, which you obviously already do or you already be here on this site asking such great and important questions. Whatever you decide, I personally would wait until he has a chance to fully grow and fill out. They usually fully mature around age 2 ish. They may be fully grown height and length before then, but they will still continue gain muscle mass and will continue to fill out usually up until around age 2 ish.

    I hope my opinion on your situation helps a little. Talk to your vet about the options, explain your concerns and questions and cobtinue to do your research so that you ultimatly can feel comfortable with your decision in the end. 🙂