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  • Sunghee Kim

    October 12, 2016 at 10:56 pm

    Thabks Judy,

    I mentioned the leadership building and refered them to this website and the videos. I’m sure they are trying to put boundaries by excercising the leadership but that doesn’t seem to help reduce the jumping issue (I assume the results are not expected to be immediate though).


    I also mentioned ‘phase 2’ training with starmark collar or halty but the owners are concerned that they would worsen the situation by not doing it right themselves and considering the fact the their dog is quite attitudy. I think I can say I understand ‘phase 2’ training quite well but as somebody without proper practice and sufficient training with that method I don’t feel quite comfortable to convince them to do ‘phase 2’ training.

    But while talking with the owners on this matter, I found out that the dog does listens to the owner quite well if the owner has the clear control of the resource such as treat or toy. But she gets very pushy if she has even slightest chance of getting what she wants. So I thought ‘phase 2’ training might not be useful if the owner doesn’t even foresee the event and give the ‘sit’ command, for example, a stranger walks by the dog out of blue and she jumps on people.

    Is it still just the leadership issue? The dog sometimes tries to bite me in my belly or thigh during the training..