• Michael D’Abruzzo

    September 8, 2016 at 11:02 am

    It seems to be either a “fear bite (or snap), or a disciplinary snap (meaning to “buzz off” I’m resting).  My intuition is it is a buzz off type.

    Don’t do what this guy does in the video, and for the love of God don’t listen to what he says in most of his videos (although this one is pretty good)… but the Rottie shows a good example of a “buzz off” type snap.  The Rottie has great bite inhibition, but this is related mostly to areas “attitude” and “leadership” in our self help section.

    By “attitude” I am referring to the fact that if the guy would just recognize that the dog was resting, and the dog, just like us appreciated to REST when resting this would never happen.  When people expect the dog to be hugged or pet just because we are in the mood without regard to their desires snapping ca escalate when resting.

    By “leadership” I am referring the section on affection.  If the dog goes through life and is the solicitor of all the affection and doesnt appreciate its value, it can shift a behavior from liking something, to tolerant, all the way toward “i’ll get it when I want it”.   My intuition so far is this is what we are dealing with.  If it is fear related we can work on it, with a similar plan regardless.

    I would like to hear your feedback from Judy’s questions, and what you think of the Rottie in the vid: