• Cyndi Cross

    June 19, 2023 at 3:59 pm

    @Allie @Jared @roseandbeau
    Hopefully this is more helpful.
    Lacey is a high energy (“high strung”?) dog. But, I’ve always seen her as a confident, (fairly) submissive, hard dog. I guess I’d love to see her a bit more “relaxed” … but I also really love her energy, too.

    I rarely ever see her tail mid-range downward with a loose wag – but a mid-range, curled upwards with a looser wag. Of course, I’ve seen her heightened emotional states (fearful & nervous/excited, etc.) … but I’m more curious as to why she carries her tail higher, nearly all the time – and if it’s something I need to be mindful (concerned is too strong a word) of.

    So, just 2nd guessing myself & making sure that I’m not missing something ….