• Kelly L

    May 16, 2012 at 12:14 am

    Ok so its 8pm I came home from work at 6:15 I didnt alarm my kids with what has been happening with tye and charley cause i was afraid to scare them right now they know there rules when it comes to the dogs. I am greeted by the dogs and as usual i walk up the stairs and tye is mouthing me pretty bad i am correcting him my daughter comes out of the room and says mom something is wrong with Tye. I said why? she said hes afraid to go in the yard I had to pull him out the door and then he ran in so she got a banana and lured him out so he can pee. she said then later she bent down to pick something off the floor and tye lunged and tried to bite her face… I asked her what was your reaction she said mom i got so scared i screamed and ran in my room and shut the door.. i put my purse down and hooked him up to his leash and out the door we went for a walk he was very wound up , it was as if we never went for a walk before. he was spoked and afraid of everything jumping and turning to look behind him.. all this in 4 days.. i get that its genetic but is this how it happens? this quick? i mean i kept going with the walk he tried lagging behind i just kept going as usual acting as if he wasnt reacting after about a mile and a half he calmed and was walking great i praised him and we kept going for another 20 min. I’ll be waiting for your response and hoping me and tye can get to you soon. now I am afraid to have my teenagers home alone with him. Not good.. 🙁