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  • Arthur Lopatin

    July 14, 2022 at 5:53 pm

    I’ll send u a foto of Smiley. He’s lean, rangy, well muscled. U can see his ribs. Nice curve inward bt ribs and rear end. Not an ounce of fat on him. Vet says he’s perfect weight. Vet told Holly most dogs she see’s are overweight dogs Smiley’s not. I’ll send u fotos, if possible. For some reason, a lot of young Huskies have popped up in Cold Spring. I see them out my window. They all are plumper than Smiley, and look more docile.

    So, assuming he IS ALREADY at his perfect weight, we (me/Holly/vet) need to figure out how many kilocalories he’s consuming and, instead of his current 1x/day raw diet, feed him an equivalent diet using freeze dried/air-dried organic kibble, maybe evem fasting him for a day at the very beginning of training tp juump-start the process.

    I use Ziwi Peak air-dryed beef organic bits — muscle/bone/organs — from Australia to feed Honey when she stays with me, and VitalEssentials beef min-nibs as a training treat. Either one, or both, would keep Smiley healthy for the time it’ll take — a few weeks, I estimate — to complete Phase 1.

    I’m on board with this. I will have to convince Holly (who was reluctant about re: starmark or prong) that this is the cynopraxic way to go. I’m gonna show her this exchange to help convince her, and will suggest kilocalorie estimate and buy-in from her vet, whom I’ve heard of and has a very good reputation.

    Please let me know if I understood you correctly and if you have anything to add. Your advice and Allies encouraged me not to be a softy about this. It will make the training so much easier. Related: Use this feeding regimen ’til Phase 1 is completed or extend it into Phase 2??

    Thanks for the help. Holly’s gonna be here at 3PM tomorrow. I will explain y this is the most cynopraxic way to go: realistic/science-based/efficient/LIMA….