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  • Sybl Saisselin Saisselin

    July 7, 2022 at 11:45 am

    That was so awesome to hear all that on the q&a. You know I haven’t been taking advantage of this form but that is all changed now. Just a little more fun information on the Mastiff for you… Owners got her because husband was going off to Afghanistan 3 years ago and he wanted his family protected. He came back with PTSD from having been in two explosions and she, like me, has lived with complex PTSD since childhood. Both struggle with hypervigilance. The husband likes walking the dog because he relaxes and put all his trust in the dog’s natural drive to protect him. This is one source of his imbalance in leadership. The wife doesn’t like walking the dog because her own hypervigilance has the dog taking the lead and one of these days she’ll be the person pulled through the fence like the one you talked about. This is one of the sources of her imbalance in leadership.

    You and Allie provided structure to my thoughts about this case. Nothing you all said was new or surprising or any different than how was already planning out on handling it. In fact, I covered most all of it in a more hodgepodge way at our consultation. It’s always comforting to know that I’ve got good game it’s getting better every year.

    I’ll keep you all updated on what happens.