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  • Cyndi Cross

    February 10, 2022 at 11:14 am

    Allie & Judy, I just want to thank you both so much for your support, encouragement & suggestions. This is exactly what I needed to hear. The muzzles I ordered should arrive today, and I’ll be working on conditioning Lacey to accepting the one I believe she will feel most comfortable with; and then we’ll be better prepared in the future. I recently watched Mikes video on muzzles, and will be watching it several more times to refresh my memory as I work with Lace.

    Lacey’s exam was done on the floor. She’s a big enough pup that she won’t fit onto the stainless table at our clinic, even if she were laying down. But, I will definitely keep that suggestion in mind should we ever get a smaller dog (I kind of doubt it, lol – I like big dogs), and will suggest it to my friend who has a Maltipoo. Maybe it will help her Tazzy if he ever gets uncomfortable with an exam. I know Karen will appreciate the suggestion!

    I think I have a decent restraint hold with Lace that seems to calm her (it’s the same hold I used when my SIL was threatening Lacey over Thanksgiving). If I’d been thinking straight – I’d have gotten down and held her before the doc started poking & prodding. Hopefully, we’ll never encounter this type of situation again, and if we do, I will have the presence of mind to get down and hold Lace – or simply put a halt to the exam and ask for a different vet to come in. In retrospect, that’s what I should have done the other night. I knew that this doc wasn’t a good fit for my girl; but I didn’t follow my instincts and I regret it. Thankfully, this particular doc will never see Lacey again, because our usual vet will be back in the office in March, and we’re moving cross country (also in March). We’ll be looking for a new vet; and I’ll be following your suggestion on the “meet & greet.”

    Allie, thank you for telling me that telling Lacey “it’s alright” wouldn’t reinforce her fear emotions – I *needed* to hear that. I have so much to unlearn from my previous positive only training/mentality.

    On the better news front: Lacey has been allowing me to put the drops in her ears – pretty much, like a champ. The first night was (understandably) a bit of a struggle, but the subsequent nights have gotten easier … I always talk to her while I put the drops in and massage her ears & the sides of her head afterwards – and she seems to really like that a lot. She trusts me. She knows that I’m helping her, and that her ears are starting to feel better. Plus, she gets cookies when we’re all done. And, cookies solve all of the worlds ills for a Lacey dog. 😊