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  • Judy B.

    February 9, 2022 at 8:54 pm

    Hi Cyndi,

    Yes I agree with Allie. Def get a comfortable secure muzzle for Lacey. It seems like you are in the process of this so that is good. I also think it is important to find a vet that you feel comfortable with and have a discussion with about Lacey and her fears. You should feel comfortable enough to trust your vet with your dog. It is also important that the veterinary technicians also understand this. In addition to what Allie said there are also some tips that can sometimes help lesson the severity of the situation. Of course ALWAYS muzzle. That is for everyone’s safety including yours and Lacey’s. Some vets have anti skid mats on their stainless steel tables….we usually take them off. The less traction the dog has and the more they feel a little unsteady they sometimes dont try to fight as much. Also making sure the vet doesn’t come straight on frontal the dog…its more threatening. We like to cover the dogs head loosely with a towel for many things. When the dog doesn’t see what is happening but can feel you petting it and calming it with your voice it can make the anticipation of what’s going to happen a lot less and sometimes they don’t realize what is actually happening. Also remember when a dog is having a problem with their ears or anything else it can be very painful. They may not let you touch them easily no matter what. Counter Conditioning is always good to work on. But don’t feel defeated if you go to the vet and it doesn’t work there. It can be very scary surrounded by a new place, new people, touching you in areas that are sore or painful and not understanding what is happening. You do your best and you have a plan going in. Communication is important with the vet. Orfeo is NOT easy to handle. We limit what we do, we do our best, and anything that isn’t necessary we try and limit. We are fortunate to have a good vet that let’s us handle Orfeo as we see fit for the situation. Fortunately Mike does know how and is capable of restraining and or helping the techs to restrain Orfeo. Not everyone will be able to restrain their own dog and sometimes the dogs are worse when we the owners are around. If you are uncomfortable with the vet you are currently using. ..I agree and say seek out one you are comfortable with and have a discussion ahead of time. At home work on things like Conditioning to a comfortable muzzle once you get one, and counter Conditioning with things she does not have great accociations with. You can even ask your vet if you could swing by when they have no clients just for a quick visit to give some treats on the table and leave. Keep us posted with this progress. I hope she feels better too! Putting meds in ears is never an easy fun task….at least not in my house! Good luck!