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  • Craig Corbett

    June 2, 2021 at 1:20 am

    Ok, good catch! It’s very rare that I have to use the ecollar for those commands with Blitz. He’s usually pretty good with Heel, Sit, Down, Come, and Stay. I only use it if he’s really being a butt (which is rare) and if I do use it, vibrate usually does the trick. So the command structure with ecollar should be (Blitz->Heel->No-> Heel/Correction/vibrate)? Is there anything you’d like me to have him do on video for you? I have an evaluation with a professional dog trainer in my county on Friday to see if he’ll qualify for protection training. He turned 3 in Nov. and seems to have a good grasp on obedience. Do you think he’s ready for some defense work? I always enjoy your responses! Thank you for the criticism!!!