• Dave Page

    April 17, 2021 at 7:32 pm

    Good suggestions Art.

    Without getting too deep.

    Dog containment is A multi-faceted political hotbed issue locally and in the state. No town where I cart has jurisdiction and We are about 150k population short of anything other than state mandated legislation

    I got Luke 5 years ago. I took dogs to work then, and with me since being self-employed, and used to let them off leash, and work with them, or have them helping, just made sure they stayed close. Had Lexi dig a hole under deck for me last week to lay drain pipe.

    Dog freedom I guess is bit of tourist draw. Past couple years I still take them but now have to keep them secured, in sight, make sure they don’t get advanced on, or charged while their back is turned by a dog as almost happened with a little terrier last week.

    I do think unique situation may be advantageous when I get ready to take clients though.