• Daria Rylkova

    November 7, 2019 at 8:36 pm

    Hi Yossi,

    It’s normal at her age and amount of time you’ve been training, for you to need to use food. Is she very food motivated? Can you use her regular food for training? eg use her meals during walks?

    Is it possible to tire her out inside the house with a game of fetch/tug or in a yard if you have one before going for a long walk? Can you run with her or bike for part of the walk and then walk? It’s definitely hard to expect her to have perfect obedience if she’s full of energy and there are lots of distractions and she’s an adolescent :-). That will get better over months/the next year. The amount of food that you need to use will also decrease over that time.

    Living in a city, I found it helpful to teach my dog that she’s allowed to pull on a harness (leash attached to the back), while she isn’t allowed to pull on a head halter or collar. so we might start off going on a run with the leash attached to the harness and then switch to head halter. I would try the head halter, since it can have a slightly more calming effect, than a prong collar.

    If you feel like she is sufficiently exercised and her drives have been met, than you can hold her responsible for leash manners or complying with a heel command. It’s definitely a very hard time! be patient and keep being consistent 🙂