• Maria Livingston

    September 6, 2019 at 3:14 am

    Hi Dave, a good observation, and I knew someone would comment on it. The background is that Navy had been received two very harsh corrections by a substandard trainer, which caused him to be so stressed he ended up at the vet with hemorrhagic diarrhea. In that video he is actually totally zoned out on trazodone and composurePro – yet he still manages to wake up from a deep slumber. The reason my BF petted him instead of correcting him was because at that point in time we were just trying to get his stress down. Normally he is not rewarded for that behavior. I appreciate the feedback though!!

    It is tough with him, it seems no matter how well exercised he is, he will wake up from a complete deep sleep to protect his territory. He’s got extreme sound sensitivity also.