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  • Dave Page

    September 3, 2019 at 9:31 pm

    First 2 links aren’t working for me.

    Interesting articles.

    Every bark is different as well as tonality for each.

    The old houndsman used to know every tone of their dogs.

    I know quite a few from each of mine. One especially.

    This article has me wondering how many I know now.

    A locate bark when he doesn’t know where I am.

    Bark to let me know someone is coming up behind me, if he is watching and can’t get to me.

    Tree bark.

    Bay bark.

    Found something bark.

    Bark to call me to his location.

    Frustration bark.

    Trouble bark.

    Extremely hot trail bark, but using nose.

    Game in sight, and trailing by sight bark.

    You are about to get it bark.

    Feed me please bark.

    Need to go to the bathroom huff/bark.

    Annoyed bark.

    Squirrel bark on seeing one.

    Deer bark on seeing one.

    Not sure what it is bark.

    Excited bark when know about to have some fun.

    Wow! 18 I can think of off hand.

    Didn’t know he had me so well trained. 🙂