• Dave Page

    February 11, 2019 at 11:11 pm

    Still haven’t been able to get a good evening time video when he is at his most defensive and get most of the growling from him. I was really relaxed today which helped a lot too.

    He is little touchy over here command, but being I too often forget and use it working to counter-condition it.

    Hard to tell how he bristled in the first video, but you can see how he slows down, moment I said “here”  but easy to see all his calming signals: lip lick, sniffing ground and circling in instead of coming straight in like second vid. Being cautions not wanting to get too close. Tail stopping and getting stiff every time I touched him. He had peed not long before I called him. When I started giving him commands he got more comfortable, tail wagging looser, and hair started going down.

    In the second video it was after he was comfortable he wasn’t in trouble. He came in faster, straighter and less bristled. Only one calming signal.



    Also working turning urinating into a command he can be praised for in hopes of counter conditioning. He seems to be really surprised by it and perhaps starting to make him more comfortable.