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  • Dave Page

    December 2, 2018 at 12:14 pm

    We drove for thirty minutes before he saw scenery that set him off. I missed the worst part. Thought I had pushed record and hadn’t. This is after he had calmed down some so missed much of the whining, scratching, shaking off etc. When he gets in this mode he has real hard time holding commands. I cut out where I had to drag him off the steering wheel. He stresses even worse in the back under the topper.

    He had excercise, food, water, and potty before leaving. Didn’t go when we stopped.

    This is different than his barrier frustration where no scratching, whining, shaking off is involved and tail is held differently. Also with barrier frustration he has never gotten in the way of steering wheel, or my driving, and doesn’t get all clingy. I will post a video of his barrier frustration at bottom.